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About Suagfit

SUAG Fit is a Fitness Services Company established on April, 2016, founded by Alok Kumar. We offer diversified fitness services for different fitness goals, depending on age, height, weight and gender. Our trainers and nutritionists are certified from India’s top most academies and have great experience and exposure of the industry. We have many satisfied customers around the nation.Now-a-days, in the modern life, most of the people are moving towards more sedentary life-style which is increasing the risk of diseases because of reduced daily activity level, poor cardiovascular fitness and increased body weight. Being healthy means not only away from diseases but it also means the complete feeling of physical, mental and social well-being. Maintaining health and fitness is not a simple task however; not so tough too. Physical activities along with the proper diet are really very helpful to the individuals of all ages from any background and abilities.At SUAG Fit we understand that every individual is different and unique. So why shouldn’t your transformation plans be unique.
Unlike many other online fitness programs and offline fitness programs which offer generalized standard plans. SUAG Fit creates a tailor made plans keeping you in mind. Your plans will suit you and your lifestyle including food preferences, work schedules and other commitments. Physical fitness is really important in each of our life. It minimizes the symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety and other mental problems. Good health and fitness gives a self-replenishing energy which helps us in accomplishing the goal with required energy level. One can maintain his/her health and fitness in several ways however needs patience, hard work and commitment towards the superior lifestyle. Through regular exercises including cardio, stretching and weight training, we can maintain our normal weight which saves us from various disorders. It fixes the damaged muscle, strengthens the muscle and bones which gives power to the body. We are here to enable you to fit for every single challenging activity, as we don’t believe in unrealistic promises, we believe in results.